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Asian American Peer Coaching Circle for Organizers

Applications are currently closed for AAPCC 2024. Sign up for our newsletter to hear announcements about the next cycle.

Union and community organizers bring passion, commitment and hard work to building the power of workers and community members to advocate for social justice. Young organizers, in particular, have always been an essential part of our social movements with their inspiring, creative energy and bold vision for our communities!

The Asian American Peer Coaching Circle for Organizers is designed to support young Asian American activists, community and labor organizers to thrive in their work for social and economic justice, to organize for the long haul, and to transform our communities and society towards justice, love, and equity!

Through the Coaching Circle, Asian American organizers join a community of peers to:

  • Engage in inquiry about what is important to themselves and their lives
  • Celebrate their strengths and contributions
  • Acknowledge challenges of organizing for systemic change and honor what they are learning
  • Organize, live, and play with more sustainability and joy
  • Learn how to lead effectively

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an exploration process that increases awareness of our habits, the roots of what challenges us and what brings us fulfillment in our jobs and in our lives. Coaching is very similar to organizing:

Organizers honor the experiences and leadership of community members – organizers don’t tell people what to do. They listen, support and guide.Coaches honor the experience of the people they work with – listening and helping them to find the answers within themselves rather than telling them what to do.
Organizers challenge their community to be powerful and courageous, to speak up for what they believe in.Coaches challenge people to take risks and be bold in going after what they want to create in their lives.
Organizers strengthen the leadership of community members by developing the skills and abilities of
their membership.
Coaches support people to be more skillful in their relationships with others, and to create more sustainability and balance – a challenge many
organizers face.

Program Experience

Coaching is an empowering partnership rather than a “service” model. For people who are open to exploring their assumptions, taking an honest look at what holds them back, and choosing to be powerful even in the face of challenge, coaching will deliver extraordinary benefits to them.

Through the Coaching Circle, organizers will

  • Increase skillfulness in communication.
  • Practice tools to manage stress.
  • Explore frameworks to learn from change.

The Asian American Peer Coaching Circle for Organizers is a project of Seeding Change to support the development and leadership of young Asian American organizers.