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8 Years of Seeding Change

Dear friends,

We started Seeding Change eight years ago with the understanding that we were going to seed an organization that would contribute to a national movement for social change. At the time, we were asking ourselves these questions: 

  • How do we build the next generation of leadership that understands and sees the importance of organizing? 
  • How can we support the growth of grassroots organizations and add capacity to them?  
  • Given how much time and energy it takes to develop leaders, how do we scale up this work? 

In your hands is the product of the last eight years of experimentation and our attempts at answering these questions.

In love and power,

Alex Tom, Le Tim Ly, Linda Lee (co-founders) and Monica Chan (current Director)


Read the report as a pdf here.
Request a physical copy of “8 Years of Seeding Change”