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Asian American Solidarity Statements and Articles in Support of #blacklivesmatter

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With the grand jury non-indictment of the police killings of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, Asian Americans across the country have been on the streets expressing our solidarity and having the deep and necessary conversations in our community. From San Francisco/Bay Area, Los Angeles to Madison, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Providence and DC, Asian Americans have been showing up and busting up the “model minority,” which is used to maintain white supremacy, anti-blackness and capitalism. We need a Model Minority Mutiny. We compiled the statements and articles on Asian Americans in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter as a resource and tool for activists and organizers.

Thank you to Ellen Choy and Christine Cordero for the suggestion to do this and helping us compile this list. We’ll keep this updated as much as possible. Please send us any statements or resources that we have missed. We plan to keep this up-to-date as much as possible. Email us at:





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Photo Credit: “Your Asian Wasn’t Quiet