About the Fellowship & FAQ

Since 2014, the Seeding Change Fellowship has graduated over 100 fellows, developing their skills, leadership and commitment to building a movement for social justice. Fellows have gone on to become staff, volunteers and activists with their host sites or other organizations in the fellowship network.

We hope you will consider applying!

About the Fellowship

Built out of the Eva Lowe Fellowship for Social Justice housed at CPA San Francisco, the Seeding Change National Fellowship is an intensive 8-10-week full-time volunteer program that supports the development of young people towards a deep commitment to organizing in our communities for racial, economic, and gender justice.  The program combines substantial investment in political development and organizing training through placement at host sites with intentional community-building, personal reflection and community-centered leadership development to prepare a new generation of organizers to confront the challenges facing our communities and the world.

Core Program Components

  • Hands-on work at respective host sites
  • One-Week Program Orientation in San Francisco Bay Area
  • Local/Regional Activities
  • Weekly Webinars for Reflection and Political Education
  • Grassroots Fundraising
  • One-Week Closing Retreat in the Bay Area

Important Information to Know and Frequently Asked Questions!

When does the fellowship program start and end?

There will be 2 cohorts to accommodate for students from both Semester and Quarter -based school calendars.

Cohort 1: June 3-August 9 with host site

Cohort 2: June 24-August 9 with host site (fellows will start at the host site after the orientation)

All fellows are required to participate fully in the orientation and closing retreats. The orientation will take place June 16-June 22 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The closing retreat is August 12-August 15.
Please hold June 15 and June 23 as travel days to/from the orientation, and August 11 and August 16 for travel days to/from the closing retreat.

What is the application process like?

Applications are due on January 21, 2019 11:59 PM PT.  First round phone interviews will be conducted in the first week of February by phone or video.  Applicants will then interview with potential host sites. Fellowship announcements will be made by early March. If you need an early decision, see below.

How do I rank the host sites?

Applicants should review the 2019 potential host site page, as well as the websites and social media platforms of the organizations. You will be asked to rank up to 3 organizations that you are interested in working with. We work with applicants and host organizations to make the best match based on both interest and skills needed.

What is the time commitment for each fellow?

For the overwhelming majority of fellows, this will be a full-time volunteer, 40-hours per week intensive experience.  We believe this investment is important in order to develop Asian American leaders who are grounded in social justice values. There may be fellows who participate for 25 hours per week, but this is dependent on the needs of the host site organizations.

What type of work will I be doing with the organizations?

Over the course of the fellowship, fellows will work on a range of projects with their host organizations. Projects have ranged from doing outreach, facilitating workshops, organizing events and community rallies, developing curriculum, conducting surveys, and providing direct services. Fellows will have the opportunity to experience on the ground organizing, deepen their understanding of local community issues and get to build with grassroots community members.

Are the fellows compensated? How so?

This is a volunteer summer opportunity. However, we understand that not everyone has personal resources to be able to participate in an opportunity like this.

We ask that students enrolled in an academic institution look to their school for resources for summer fellowships, or work study resources to participate in this fellowship. We can provide information that your school may ask of you to pursue these options. If you do not have funding secured yet from your school, please fill out this application anyway.

For applicants who are not enrolled in school and do not have a regular income or personal resources, we will do our best to provide a stipend for you to participate in the program if you are accepted. Part-time fellows will not be eligible for stipends.

(Note: Seeding Change will cover travel costs to/from the Bay Area for the orientation and closing retreats.)

What’s the difference between this and the Eva Lowe Fellowship for Social Justice?

The National Fellowship for Asian American Organizing & Civic Engagement is based on the original Eva Lowe Fellowship for Social Justice, started by the Chinese Progressive Association in 2009. Seeding Change fellows placed at the Chinese Progressive Association in San Francisco will also be Eva Lowe Fellows.

I have a scholarship or work-study deadline before you announce the selection of fellows. What can I do?

If funding for your volunteer position is CONTINGENT on being accepted to a program AND the deadline is before our posted announcement date, you can apply for EARLY ACTION. Please contact us at apply@seeding-change.org for more details.

What age do you have to be to apply for the fellowship?

Fellows must be at least 18 years of age. Applicants who are not 18 by the start of the fellowship will not be accepted. Fellows have generally ranged from 18-28, and we do not set an age limit on the upper end.

Is the fellowship only for current college students or recent graduates?

There’s no requirement for fellows to be students or to hold a college degree.

Will you help me find housing?

We will do our best to help you secure housing by providing resources and referrals BUT the ultimate responsibility lies with each fellow.

How do my references submit the reference forms?

In the fellowship application, you will be asked to list two references. References should complete the Reference Form by January 28, 2019. Since it may take some time to secure written references, we’ve included the link to the reference form so it may be completed in advance of the deadline. Separate letters are not needed.

What kind of references do I need?

Please include 1 personal reference and at least 1 reference that can attest to your work style and work (volunteer, student organizing, paid work).

What is an anticipated budget for the fellowship?

Please refer to this document: SCF19 Anticipated Budget

Still have questions? Join us for a informational Q&A session on January 9, 2019 at 6pm PST, or contact us at apply@seeding-change.org.