Our Mission

Seeding Change grows a national Asian American movement to promote a just, sustainable, and democratic society. We hope to explore and build a national pipeline for the next generation of Asian American organizers, create an infrastructure for Asian American grassroots organizing, and experiment with building power and scale for our movements toward a vibrant social and economic justice movement.

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Why Seeding Change? 

Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing populations in the country. We are strategic allies in coalition with other poor, working class, immigrant communities, women, queer and trans communities, Black and Indigenous struggles, and labor unions. 

Even as Asian Americans are the most diverse and complex community, there are commonalities in high poverty rates, immigration, lack of access to work, healthcare, housing, and education. Internationally, as the US pivots nearly 70% of military resources to the Asia Pacific Region, the role of Asian progressives in the US is even more crucial and strategic.

We need to unlock the power of organizing the Asian American community towards a long term social and economic justice agenda. The overall Asian American organizing infrastructure has been weak and disparate. Seeding Change aims to build unity and coherence amongst Asian Americans to meet the needs of the organizing in the Asian American community for liberation. In a period of the rise of the tea party right, post-9/11 xenophobia, fascism, and white ethno-nationalism, we need a strategic and long-term investment in organizing Asian American communities.

As Asian Americans together in this fight we aim to be strategic, coherent, and impactful in building power at a personal, local, state, and national level. Onwards in the struggle for freedom and liberation for all peoples here on Turtle Island and in our homelands!