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Our Mission

Seeding Change grows a national Asian American movement to promote a just, sustainable, and democratic society. Our key strategies include building a national pipeline for the next generation of AAPI organizers; creating an infrastructure for AAPI grassroots organizing; and experimenting with building power and scale for our movements toward a vibrant social and economic justice movement.

Our Story

In 2014, the Chinese Progressive Association launched Seeding Change – A Center for Asian American Movement Building. Rooted in CPA’s 40+ years of grassroots organizing and alliance building, Seeding Change is a platform for CPA to connect our grassroots organizing work on a local and national level, and to partner with other statewide and national formations and alliances.

When CPA was founded in 1972, San Francisco and the country were in the midst of great societal change. Young people and elders came together to form an organization that would serve the needs of the community and demand that the voice of low-income families, immigrants, and people of color were heard. Over the last 42 years, CPA has organized low-income Chinese immigrant youth, tenants, and workers to improve the living and working conditions in the community. We co-founded leading citywide alliances that passed groundbreaking policies and laws like Minimum Wage Ordinance and Paid Sick Leave Ordinance; Now, the task before us is to advance our movement building work and connect the local to the national. <Read more>

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Seeding Change c/o Chinese Progressive Association
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